Amish Boys Softball  ..Anybody!.. ANYWHERE!.. Anytime!

   A Parade of Ohio Amish Teams!  these are a few of the great teams from my pass doubt there 
  are many more. Hope you enjoy seeing them and remembering with me. Thanks to every Coach and player, you all have given me fond memories I treasure your friendships!     Mike

Where the Champions Play...Owens Field!Cookeville 2011 Charm Softball 16uVery early Pleasant Hill Photo!FarmerstownBuckeye Cookeville 2011 16u Champions!Snyder 2011 NSA Teams Super D National ChampionsOwen Yoder Hall of Fame 2011
Owner Owens Field Berlin, OhioYoung Buckeye Team 2003  Cherokee NC.  Ryan Miller pitching.Charm 16uFarmerstown Fall 2012 Champions.1999 Pleasant Hill @ Cookeville Sportrax 2012 20u Champions!Best Breakfast in Holmes County...Boyds!Winesburg 2002!Great Bunch! Walnut Creek 2002 16u Champs Coached by Hank Troyer.
Winesburg Softball 2011 SSAA  14u Champions @ Cookeville, Cane Creek SportsPlexThe guys support each other!Young Buckeye @ Cherokee 2003Sportrax 2012 20u Champions Ringgold, Ga. Beat Rock Fitness Mens league Champions @ Ringgold as well!Great Walnut Creek team!Mount Hope 2003 @ Cherokee.Winesburg 2003 19u Champs @ CherokeeFarmerstown...Leon and the guys won many awards!east Holmes and Marion Yoder....always at the top of the heap1Pokey and Pleasant Hill with another Championship! Miss these guys.Ivan and Ruben..with the Farmestown guys another Championship to add to their collectionGuys @ owens Field 2004!Mt Hope 14u 2004 @ Owens FieldFarmerstown 2004 Fall Champions Owens Field Robert Mast and these guys were a very good team!Sportrax at NSA Super E Nationals These guys are NOT's one of my 14u teams from 1995...just thought I'd add them in!Jay Bryan Hershberger and East Holmes from early 2000'sFredricksburg Cherokee 2013Pee Wee and Kidron @ Owens FieldKidron Texarkana 19u Champions 2008Kidron Kings of the Hill in TEXAS!a great veteran Mid Ohio (2008) Team...most of these guys still play at a high level.Winesburg 2006 Fall TourneyMid Ohio 2006 @ Owens FieldPleasant Hill 2006 FallOwens Field 2006Bunker Hill 2006Buckeye 2006 @ OwensRinggold 2005 Mid Ohio 16 Champs!Evergreen 16u Cookeville 2009Bunker Hill Cookeville 2009Skills Winner...Running 1st place!Tri County 16u Runner Up Ringgold, Ga. 2005Bunker Hill '07 Cherokee NC.East Holmes Cherokee '07Mt. Juliet 16u Champs and Runner Up Amish teams have great coaches!2004 Mt. Juliet 19u Champions Winesburg Warriors.16u Champs and Runner Up Mt. Juliet 2004walnut Creel Huddle 2004Always watching the other guys play...teams show great supportEast Holmes 14u Runner Up Ringgold 2012good play!Holmes County..home to a lot of Boys Softball tallent!Charm Builders @ Cookeville 2009
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